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Ice Fishing is in Full Swing on Lake of the Woods

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16-18" in some areas and many of the resorts have houses out already. Roads have been plowed over Pine Island but we hear it is rough going. Take caution to follow the trails. When a sign indicates that you should not go any further - STOP! ATV's have been known to go under when cautions are not heeded. Let's start this season off safely.

Here at Tom's Tackle, Dave and Shirley have loaded the truck and trailer and have begun their usual winter routes and that is exciting. Good times in Lake of the Woods and any place where there is good ice. We hear that Red Lake is doing good with shiners still close to shore so you don't have to go very far out to catch the Walleyes. They too have 16-18" in most areas.

Check us out on Facebook and let us know your favorite fishing hole and how the ice is there. We like to hear from people and see just how everyone is doing.

Good times!

It's Cold and It's Making Ice!

Temps this week are only in the 20's so we are making ice in the northland. The inlets off Rainy River like Winter Road and Wabanica are iced over and even though I can look beyond them to the open water on the river, I know that ice fishing is not too far off. I [...]

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NEW Products on the Horizon

We are seeing a lot of traffic to our Face Book page as we feature new ideas and request feedback. Recently we posted a Gold Glitter Charmer and a Fire Opal Glitter Charmer. It seems that the Gold Glitter is getting more responses from our followers but they will both get the job done.Today, Dean [...]

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3/4 Ounce Jigs a must for heavy current

Recently I looked back at a review post from a very satisfied customer, Derik B. Derik had used one of our 3/4 ounce jigs in the Spring just after opener in the Four Mile Bay. He had posted to our Facebook page "A must for the river and heavy currents". I contacted Derik to find [...]

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Shiners are running!

We have had several reports that the shiners are showing up in Rainy River. You know what that means....yup....the Walleyes are following! If wanting to river fish, the bite has been good at the Frontier landing to Birchdale with 18" to 25" an average size. 3/8 oz jig of gold and pink is doing really [...]

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