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Lake of the Woods Brand® Snow Plows

borderview-plow-2-resized.jpgWhen Dean, Shirley, and Dave get an idea, it is not long before they find a way to make it happen. They already produce an extensive line of tackle and other complimentary fishing items, but realized that even the best prepared angler needs a cleared roadway across the ice for winter fishing. Connecting with an individual who was ready to retire and close down his shop, they brought that business to their home place at Tom’s Tackle, Inc.  The business of making snow plows!

Snow plows that are unique in themselves. These plows not only push the snow but move it up and out of the way. These are ideal and actually designed for clearing the winter road ways on the frozen lakes and rivers to get to the fish houses.

Plows come in 3 sizes:

Largest plow is approximately 8’ 6” wide, is constructed of 3/16” steel and weighs about 1,000 lbs. This size is ideal for the ¾ and one-ton trucks. This is the typical size used by resorts.


The next size smaller is approximately  6’ 6” more or less less in width, constructed of 1/8” steel and weighs approximately 600 lbs. Again the size can be customized and this one works well for the Gators, Prowlers, Rangers, etc. and small pickups, even the ½ ton or ¾ ton trucks. 

The smallest size would be used on four-wheelers, etc. for those smaller clearing jobs, is constructed of 14 gauge steel and weighs in at 150-200 lbs. 

Lake of the Woods Brand® plows can be customized to fit the specifications of the customer. Different styles of mounts are available as well as hydraulic lifts (hydraulic proves to be more trouble-free than the winch style) but the plow can be purchased separately. These plows are stationary plows (will not adjust from a straight plow to a V plow) which only adds to the strength of the unit. All of our plows have a powder coat finish.



From the cutting and forming of the steel through the entire fabrication process, it is truly a homemade product, worthy of the name - Lake of the Woods Brand ®. 

 NEW - Our plows are now manufactured to fit, not only our mounts but a Boss® mount. If you already have a Boss® plow and want one of our V-plows, you can use the mount you already have!

* All plows are made to order, please call the shop at 218-634-2006 or to speak to David direct, call 218-434-0260.

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