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Nestled in the north woods near the south shore of Lake of the Woods is Tom's Tackle, Inc.Tom’s Tackle is a family owned business that designs and produces their own unique brand of lures and fishing accessories. The company started in 1959 and has been passed down as a family business throughout the years. The company's reputation is synonymous with quality in the Walleye fishing community on Lake of the Woods, the Rainy River and Rainy Lake. With the help of local guides and anglers Tom’s Tackle has a reaction time unlike any other lure company with the ability to modify or create unique bottom bouncers, sinkers and lures. The statement “Made To Order” is a known and proven slogan for all the anglers familiar with the company. This type of attention to detail and willingness to experiment has built a reputation as an exclusive lure company that tests and proves their lures before they are marketed to the public.

Tom’s Tackle is the proud designer and manufacturer of such unique lures as "The Pink Charmer”, “The River Dancer” and “The Shiner Eye”, as well as many other original Tom’s Tackle products. The uniqueness and variety of Tom’s Tackle’s lures does not stop with just their lures and jigs, the company also makes spinners, roundhead jigs and strobes/discos.


Tom's Tackle is also a distributor for a variety of fishing products and accessories produced by such nationally and internationally known companies as Frabil, HT Enterprise, Eagle Claw, and others. With the expansion of the business, Tom's Tackle will be your one stop shop for all your winter and summer fishing needs. One thing is certain, whether you are a fish or an angler, you are going to get hooked on Tom's Tackle!

Mission Statement

Tom’s Tackle, Inc. is an authentic, customer focused, specialty wholesale company who embraces innovative, progressive product ideas while holding ourselves accountable to our customers and true to the realism that all experiences and needs for the sport of fishing will change over time.